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CTF Nepal has developed a need based and trainees’ friendly trainings and workshops packages in a integrated modality with various methods for teachers and coordinators/ inchanges /principals at CTF and in the field if that is demanded in or outside Kathmandu.
In this regard CTF has different packages. Which are  

In house teachers training course

At present we are conducting four shifts in house three months foundation teachers training course and one shift advance teacher training Montessori in context with integrated approach in CTF promises. The curriculums of both in-house trainings are given below.

Three Months Foundation Teachers Training Course Montessori in-context with integrated approach: 390hrs package

1. Approach and Methods: Montessori/ECD/ Kindergarten 
2. Teaching English Language Skills 
3. Teaching Nepali Language skills 
4. Thematic Approach and Integrated 
5. Child Psychology: child development (0-7/8yrs)/Case study Classroom Management
6. Clssroom Management
7.Professional Development.
8. Sensorial Learning 
9. Project Approach/Methods and practice 
10. Teaching Social studies through project methods 
      Teaching Science through project methods 
11. Teaching Mathematics 
12. Teaching Life skills/PLE: Daily life activity and skills/First Aid Skills 
13. Task Design-Worksheet/class work/homework/question setting 
14. Reward methods and technique 
15. Use of Montessori Teaching Materials with Classroom English use 
16.Demonstration Based Micro and Clinical Teaching: Monthly two times activity with material and tools (only practice and presentation by  students)

Activity class: 
Rhymes/Games and Activity/Art and Craft/Materials development/Story telling etc. 

Visual Class


1. File for each topic must be on different files 
2. File must be submitted within a week of training completed. 
3. Exam must be attended on the given time and absentees will be charged 200/per shift. 
4. Each candidate must daily bring their training materials like scissors/colors/file/tape/ glue/fevicol/ti-pex /stapler/sign pen/marker/water color/pencil/scale etc. and papers during the training session. 
5. File must be submitted in each week
6. All the assignments are compulsory.

Advance Teachers Training Course

 All the assignments of this course are compulsory

 Assignments for each topic must be submitted in separate file

 Assignments must be submitted within a month of training completed

 CTF will not be liable to provide certificate if assignments are not submitted

Field based teacher training course 

At present we are conducting different types of field based training courses in or outside Kathmandu valley. They are one or two days teachers training course, 21/36 hours or one week course, foundation teachers training course etc. the detail information regarding the courses are given below.

One day/two days training/workshop package 

CTF is conducting one/two day/s sessions in various topics in different parts of the country. In one/two day/s session trainings/workshops are divided into two major (two and half hours) sessions each day. Topic for this package can be selected by trainees form the list (the list of the training is mention in the same booklet). The cost of this model is varies from Rs.15,000 (fifteen thousand) to Rs. 25,000 (twenty five thousand) only depends on topic selected and hours of training.

21/36 hours (one week) training package 

We are conducting 21 hours to 36 hours fixed package as well as on fixable package in CTF promises and outside. In fixed package there are fixed topics but topic can be changed or modified according to the common understanding. The cost of this package varies from Rs.45,000 (forty five thousand) to Rs. 70,000 (seventy thousand) depends on the selected topic and hours.

Possible topic for one to two days training/workshops content

1. Art & craft in teaching                                              
2. Individual differences and its effect on learning 
3. Behavior management                                              
4. Project work planning  & evaluation 
5. Classroom display and decoration                          
6. Continuous assessment system 
7. Child Psychology                                                    
8. Assessment and evaluation 
9. Circle time & its effect                                              
10. In-charge/co-coordinators training 
11. Classroom management                                        
12. Methods and approaches (Montessori based) 
13. Early Childhood Development                                
14. ECA/CCA planning /implementation 
15. In-charge/co-coordinators training                          
16. Specific subject based trainings 
17. Them design and them based teaching                  
18. Learning styles and learning disabilities 
19. Montessori approach                                              
20. Question making guideline 
21. Motor skills and functioning                                    
22. Teaching motivation and school  culture 
23. Sensorial Learning                                                  
24. Parents counseling and adult learning 
25. Task design                                                            
26. Teaching through Rhymes, games, stories, etc. 
27. Teaching life skills (PLE)                                        
28. Developing and using low cast no cast materials 
29. Teaching and professionalism                                
30. Teacher motivation 
31. Planning annual activities and routine                    
32. Library management 
33. Communicating with students                                  
34. Circle time and opening activities
35. Phonic and classroom English                              
36. Approaches (ECD/Montessori/Play-way) 
37. Rhymes and games                                                  
38. Pre writing for pre primary school

Field based one week art and craft training course 

This course is designed to address the need of the school to make teachers able to understand and create different materials related with their subjects. The cost of this program is Rs.60,0000 (Sixty thousand only). The list of materials required to conduct this training is given below. 

Materials required

1. White chart paper (of good quality) 30 pcs 

2. Different colours chart paper 15 pcs 

3. Hard paper (orange+brown) 5 pcs 

4. A4 size colour paper: 

      White ½ rim 

      Red 1 packet 

      Green 1 packet 

      Blue ½ packet 

      Orange 1 packet 

      Pink 1 packet 

      yellow 1 packet 

5. Kite paper of different colours (red, green, purple, yellow) 

6. Crayon colors 6 packets 

7. Marker of different colours (red, black, blue, green) 1 each 

8. Fevicol 500 gm 

9. Scissors, glue stick, pencil, eraser, sharpener, scale, stapler Per person 

10. Cello tape of big size + double sponge tape + shining tape 

11. Thread and needle Per person 

12. Waste/old newspaper/magazine


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