CTF's score groupm of intructions, trainers and experts are highly qualified and experienced in teaching, learning and system development and procedure.there are highly trained by reputed institutes including Kathmandu University (KU), BankStreet College of Education (New York), Training Institutes for Technical Instruction (TITI), Nationall Centre for Education and Development (NCED), Nepal Carrer Training Foundation (CTF Nepal). The entire team is effective, efficient and successful. The list of trainers in the project is given below:
Name of the Trainers/Facilitator
1. Badri Prasad Dahal 14. Dependra G.C 27. Khem Raj Dhungel
2. Binod Karki 15. Pramila Maharjan 28. Sachita Suwal
3. Puja Shah 16. B.K. sharma 29. Anju Koirala
4. Rajendra Dahal 17. Minakshi Dahal 30. Laxmi Pr. Khatiwada
5. Rekha Hamal 18. Trillochan sharma 31. Mubashra Nasir
6. Suresh Shrestha 19. Yamuna Dahal (Pokhrel) 32. Rita Tamang
7. Kumud Bhatta 20. Prakesh Shahi 33. Madan Rimal
8. Rnaju Koirala 21. Purshottam Dahal 34. Ishwori Gyawali
9. Dolama Lama 22. Rashmi Rout 35. Anita Guragain
10. Krishna Pd. Poudel 23. Ratna Bhandari 36. Sonali Barlu
11. Ramesh Neupane 24. Dinesh Thapa 37. Netra Prasad Gautam
12. Naba Raj Acharya 25. Abhisek Ghimire 38. Muna Adhikari (Dahal)
13. Aqeeda Lohani 26. Pranisha Sharma 39. Ramchandra Rai

Training Methods

CTF offers a flexible approach that can accommodate virtually any delivery scenario. In request of school/s CTF will provide learning environment in a classroom environment (direct contact session) through training and workshop modality, over the Internet, or any other customized, blended learning solution in case of in-service training.

Training Management and Administration

Need assessment tools

We may use the following tools for assessing needs and collecting data. 
 Observation
 Need assessment form
 Still photography
 Questionnaires 
 Interview
 Movie

Design/Plan & Implementation 

We work with you to design the tailored learning path that best applies to your needs as an organization. Our team implements the solutions small or large that best fit your needs. We manage all aspects for an efficient implementation. 

Evaluation and Monitoring 

After training, your feedback helps us design future courses and learning paths. You can also explore more learning opportunities that can benefit your organization.


All the teachers interested to take certificate of in-service training should complete assessments given by CTF Nepal. After evaluating their work CTF will provide in-service training certificate. CTF will provide certificate after the maturity period of training. Teachers need to pay certification charge and must follow organizational procedure of CTF in the procedure.


While conducting consulting program we will use some of the teachers, non teaching staffs and may be authority in some cases as human resources beside them we will also use some stationary, computer, finance etc.


All the schools taking consulting service will receive report from CTF Nepal. Total timing of reporting will depends upon types of consulting services. Report will include need identification of school, strengths and weakness of school and recommendations from CTF Nepal. Periodical reporting will also include feedback of school and areas of operation till the date with progress.

Ethical issues

While carrying out school consulting program we always keep all the secret and confidentiality of school and its resources confidential within our organization. We will always inform authority about what we are doing and going to do.

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