Parents & Students Councelling Package

1. Parents Councelling Package
  • The main theme of the concelling is to make them positive and responsible for children learning and development.
  • The nature of the program will be different as per need.
  • Parents councelling is required for minimizing generation gap, technology gap. information gap, and for maximizing thier active involvement and resposibility on children education.
S.N. Package Number Time Service Charge
1. Parents from Pre-school 100-200 2-3 hrs 15,000/-
2. Parents from Primary 100-200 2-3 hrs 15,000/-
3. Parents from Pre-primary & Secondary- term based six events (2 times in a year) 100-200 (For medium School) 2-3 hrs 90,000/- (Annual Package)

2.Students Councelling Package

Students Councelling is required to shape them for the development of life skills, social skills, understanding roles and responsibilities and make the responsible for alround personality development.
S.N. Package Number Time Service Charge
1. Students from 1-5 100-200 2-3 hrs 12,000/-
2. Students from 5-10 100-200 2-3 hrs 12,000/-
3. Students councelling term based six events(2 times in a year for medium schools) 100-200 2-3 hrs 72,000/-

Note:-One Event willl be facilated by two experts. And Councelling session consist of workshop, presentation, activity and roles.

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