Models of Consultancy

We have been providing the five models of programs as consulting services to our client which are comprehensive model, general model, training lliteracy model, quarterly general model and cluster based training model.

With the growing needs of educational training and development, we have initiated this school consulting programs with the view to imparting our expertise to all educationall institutions of Nepall.But at the same time we also deeply pondered the existing situation of different schools and came to the conclusion that the schools differ from each other in terms of various aspects llike finance, insfrastructure, management system and the levelll of parents. In this regards, CTF Nepal has Design various models to meet the emerging needs of every school as per the convenience of particular school so that the school with any financial status may have benefits from our programme.

Model-1: Comprehensive model (observing from micro prospective) for pre school 

In this model of program CTF will see the things in micro prospective in all the areas of school and implement CTF’s own curriculum rather than school curriculum. Each week CTF will visit school and provide feedback with guidelines in different areas of development. Teachers will get frequently guidance and there will be very close relation between trainers and teachers. Any time they can ask help with trainer in their classroom problems.

Year Activities 

1st Year Program
Introduction and implementation of instruction or guideline (partially try to fit our plan with school system ), Orientation to management and teachers, workshop/s and regular weekly visits, individual and group guidance to teachers and management, help to make school improvement plan, help to verify leaders competency verification, parents education program 

2nd Year Program
Totally implementation of our plan and instruction into teaching and learning, Orientation to management and teachers, workshop/s and regular weekly visits, review SIP, individual and group guidance, parenting.

3rd Year Program
3rd Workshop/s and regular two visit in every month, review SIP, parents education

Model-2: General model 

This model is designed for one year only which will see things generally in all the areas of school. CTF will provide guidance on the basis of curriculum adopted and designed by school rather than CTF’s instructional manual. Each week CTF will visit school and provide feedback with guidelines in different areas of development. 

Year Activities 

1st Year Program
Orientation to management and teachers, workshop/s and regular weekly visits, help to make Provide guideline for SIP, Provide guideline to verify leaders competency verification, documentation support to school. 

Model-3: Training Literacy development model for pre and primary schools 

In this model of program, CTF will see the things from surface. In teachers development part CTF will conduct workshop of three to four days focusing on school’s and teachers need and provide guideline to teachers and management on different areas. CTF will visit school twice a month and help and guide teachers in their problems related with academics and provide feedback to school management and teachers.

Activities from CTF

 Orientation to management and teachers

 Two to four days workshop at the beginning 

 Teachers development program (regular visits twice a month) 

 Provide guideline to develop school improvement plan (SIP)

 Provide sample documents to develop the system of school

 Conduct teachers development program

Model-4: Quarterly program package model 

This model is especially designed to those schools which are far from the capital city. In this model pre and primary level both are included. This model is the combination model of comprehensive model for pri-primary and general model of primary. In this package CTF will run workshops quarterly in the school. It means yearly three to four workshops will be there and CTF will guide coordinators and teachers through different mines of communicational network. This package is divided into two groups Quarterly comprehensive model and Quarterly general model. 

Quarterly comprehensive model for pre-school

This model is designed for pre-school. In this model, school will get teachers manual, them based or mixed curriculum and instructional manuals for different stakeholders of school. Teachers, coordinators, in-charges will be guided through phone and other network in case of necessity. Their ongoing problems in curriculum provided by CTF will be solved by experts through different means of communication like phone contacts. This program is similar to the first package (comprehensive model) but in the place of regular visit we will be visiting quarterly ( the duration of four months) in the school. Parents’ education and event support, management supportive in Kathmandu for school management will be additional benefits of this model. This model is designed for three years (but can be implemented in first year to test the effect). 

Quarterly general model for primary school 

This model is designed to support primary schools. In this model, school will be guided through workshops in the interval of three/four months. There will be regular phone contact  with coordinator/principal. Any teachers and  members of school management can directly contact with CTF Nepal for help and support but that must be the limitation of pre/primary school. This model can be implemented in pre and primary separately or combine in both areas. 

Short description on two models 

Target group Activities 

Teachers - Workshop and training @ 6 hours a day total 4 days 

Management - Guidance and support @ 2 hours a day total 4 days 

Parents - 1 day counseling and parents education workshop 

Students - Counseling and motivation package 1 hour each for three groups 


 Exposure visit and training at CTF promises Kathmandu for two key managers or representatives sent by school @ 3 times a year.

 The cost mentioned here is without travelling and accommodation cost.

 If CTF’s curriculum is implemented (there will not be any text book except library books with students) in case of pre-primary 

Model-5: Cluster based model for pre and primary school teachers

Cluster based training model consists of 15 to 20 direct contact sessions for pre and primary school teachers. In this model 50% training course will be design as foundational course for teachers and remaining 50% will be designed for specific subjects. In this model per visit consist of two days in two months of duration. There will be six visit of CTF to specific place to conduct training.  

Summary of all types of consulting program
S.N. Category/Model Consulting MODEL 1 MODEL 2 MODEL 3 MODEL 4 MODEL 5
1. Target Group Pre School Pre/Primary Pre/Primary Pre/Primary Pre/Primary
2. CTF instructional manual for management Yes No Yes No No
3. Specific subject based training Yes Yes Yes No Yes
4. Book Based Activity Elaborated Yes Yes No No No
5. Total training sessions 25-30
6. Compresension Report submission 3 times 2 times 2/3 times 1 time No
7. Avg.Annual Cost
( Total 8,80,000/- )
3,00,000 2,80,000 2,50,000 1,50,000 13,500/p
8. School Visit Bi-monthly Bi-monthly Quaterly Monthly Quaterly
9. School Activities Monitoring Fortnightly Regularly Quaterly No No
10. Parent Education 4 times 3 times 2/3 times 2/3 times No
11. Weekly Time Allocated 2-3 hrs. 2-3 hrs. No No No
12. Group Guidance and Councelling 4 2 1/2 1/2 No
13. Subject based instructional manual for teachers Yes No Yes No No
14. Instructional manuals for Coordinators Yes No Yes No Yes
15. Notice/Information for parents Yes No Yes No No
16. School system documents support Yes Yes Yes Yes No
17. Sample Question Support Yes Yes Yes Yes No
18. Worksheet support Yes Yes Yes No No

⦁    The cost mention in proposal is applicable only for the year 2014 AD. 


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