Message from the Chairman

  I am proud to offer our services in the field of producing skilled human resources required by the markets and capacity development activities for transforming organizational culture. We have been working in four, major components i.e., a) Technical Education and Vocational Training  (TEVT), b) Total Quality Management in Education (TQME), c) Data Management and Strategy Plan (DMSP), and d)Research,Audit and Publication (RAP).

We have been continuing the attempts to produce the tangible results in all of those components through compiling multiple resources and methodologies available in the markets and also inventing the new modalities based on the previous experiences. Our company had been pooling the qualified expertise from the markets, evaluating testing and implementing the best means and methods. As the result, it has been deserving the success in market and continuing attempts for its sustainability.
We always coordinate and collaborate with the customers/beneficiaries and stakeholders to create the opportunity of providing our services, collecting feedback and suggestions, and improving the quality of these services.

We are committed to serve quality services to the market and doing multiple attempts on it. It is the time of renew our hope in future working, creating values, growing together as community by investing the resources in our service sectors. We always look for your partnership to create our mutual benefits

Badri Prasad Dahal
Executive Chairman
Cell #: - 9851010741


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