CTF has been providing consulatncy services to schoolls to schools to improve their total quallity management (TQM) and system development.During typicall consulting intervention, we undertake a set of activities to achieve the desire goalls. These activities are normally known as "the consulting process". This process has a clear-cut set of goal identifying needs of the school and working in the similiar field. Between these two points, the process can be subdivided into several phases which help CTF and the client to be systematic and follow proper procedure.

Conceptual Framework 
This proposal is designed to work together with the schools. We examine and explore different problems of teachers, management and other stockholders of schools in the context of Nepal. School its classroom settings, teaching and learning activities, teachers development and management guidance will be study in every phase. To identify needs of the school we will implement forms, formats and some questionnaire with stockholders of school.Within our plan we work according to the conceptual framework which is given below.

Why School Consulting?

School Consulting is mainly for the following purposes:
  1. To establish a complete system in all aspects of school,
  2. To drive school once the system is established,
  3. To mobilise the teachers and the parents to their best,
  4. To make supervision and monotoring mechanism effective and result oriented,
  5. To make record keeping and evalluation system highly effective,
  6. To makle every classroom activity transparent and child-centered.

Consulting Process
Many different ways of consulting can be found in the literature with various models. In our case we have simply chosen a four-phase model:  need identification (diagnosis), action plan (detailed plan to work), implementation in the field, feedback and again the same process starts all over again.

Phase of consulting process
  • Need Identification
  • Preparation of strategic plan & Activities
  • Implementation Stages
  • Feedback & Review

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