CTF Nepal has started to produce Montessori teachers since 2000 by providing the training curricular through qualified trainers with a stranded course adopted by this company based on the curriculum of CTEVT. It has been supplying these human resources to the Montessori schools all over the country. The In-house training department leads to the Montessorian training programs and facilitates for their job placements.
The Course has been developed with the purpose of preparing Montessorian as the technical workforce for teaching to the children of pre basic label. The trainees earn the technical skills incorporated in this course taken from the Montessrioan system of education. It is a tailor-made training with a special purpose to be implemented in a modular form.

The modules are competency based courses specially designed to produce technical workforce in the field of education equipped with and knowledge skills related to Montessorian system In order to meet the demand of such workforce in the market.

The main aim of this curricular program is to produce lower-level skilled workforce in Montesorian system of education by providing training to the interested individuals and link them to employment opportunities.

After the completion of this training program the trainees will be able:
• To state Montessorian system of education
• To prepare teaching plans  
• To prepare teaching/learning materials
• To manage classroom/lab
• To carry out platform skill
• To deliver the lessons
• To identify/apply t/l materials / media
• To provide equal opportunity
• To introduce/demonstrate practical life exercises
• To introduce sensorial activities
• To introduce language
• To introduce mathematics  
• To introduce culture
• To introduce/demonstrate music and move
• To make arts
• To assess/monitor children's performance/behavior
• To provide health care services
• To create/maintain montessorian environment
• To maintain safety
• To keep records
• To communicate with others
• To grow professionally
The training modules provide knowledge and skills necessary for Montessorian as a lower-level technical workforce. There will be both demonstration by trainers/instructors and opportunity to trainees to carry out the skills/tasks necessary for this level. The trainees will practice and learn skills by using typical tools, materials and equipment necessary for the curricular activities.
On the complication of this training, the trainees will be able to state the concept of Montessorian System of education , Prepare teaching plans, Prepare teaching/learning materials, Manage classroom/lab, carry out platform skill, deliver the lessons, identify/apply T/L materials/media, provide equal opportunity, introduce/demonstrate practical life exercises, introduce sensorial activities, introduce language, introduce mathematics, introduce culture, introduce/demonstrate music and move, Make arts, assess/monitor children's performance/behavor, provide health care services, create/maintain Montessorian environment, Maintain safety, Keep records, communicate with others, and grow professionally.   

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