For Psycho-social Councelling Trainings.

This competency based curriculum on "PSYCHOSOCIAL COUNCELLING TRAINNING" is designed to produce competent human resources in the field of psychosocial councelling. They will be equipped with knowledge, skillls, and attitudes related to the psychosocial councelling. The trainees will practices psychosocial councelling skills as prescribed by this curriculum. Once the trainees acquire the competencies specified in this curriculum they will have plentiful of opportuities for emplloyment through which they will contribute to the nation where the psychosocial problems are prevelent.

The aim of the curricular program is to produce and supply competent "psychosocial councelors" equipped with knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for psychosocial councelling so as to fulfill the need of such human resources in the country and abroad.

This curriculum is based on the task required for psychosocial councelling at councelling centre, related community centers, nurshing homes,schools, orphanages, elderly homes, and hospital/health centers, rehabilitation centers in country and abroad.Trainees will practises & learn skills using appropriate tools, materials and equipment necessary for this curriculum program.

This psychosocial councelling program incorporates the skillls and knowledge related to psychosocial intervention (psychosocial wellbeing/intervention/CBI/mental health, gender/culture/councelling,human development and behaviour, & speciall issues); case management (managing councelling center, documentation, supervision & linkage/coordination/referrals);councelling skill and process (councelling approaches, basic of councelling, councelling skills, councelling process and alternative tools);and capacity building (facilitation skills & professionalism development).The trainees will also get an opportunity to participate in On the Job Training (OJT) (of 160 hrs.), which will allow them to applly an exercises skill in the real world of work.


     A.Psychosocial Intervention
          1.Psychosocial wellbeing, Intervention and Community Based Intervention (CBI)
          2.Mental Health
          3.Culture & Councelling
          4.Human Development & Behaviour
          5.Special Issues

     B.Case Management
          1.Managing Counseling Center
          4.Linkage. Co-ordination and Referrals

     C.Councelling Skill & Process
          1.Councelling Approaches
          2.Types/Forms Of Councelling
          3.Basics of Councelling
          4.Appllying Communication Skills
          5.Councelling Process
          6.Alternative Tools & Techniques

     D.Capacity Building
          1.Facilitaion Skill
          2.Professionalism Development

     E.Academic Councelling Skills
          1.Child development and special education
          2.Child psychology and learning psychology
          3.Content Planning & Designing
          4.Study Skills and reading habit development
          5.Family councelling and Guidance
          6.Diseabilities and other issues


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