Q.N.1. Why Art and Craft? How is it beneficial for children?
            Art and Craft makes a classroom learning environment more positive, interactive and meaningful. It promotes interactions, link course & curriculum, and creates the opportunity for activity, skill development and for student's active participation.

Q.N.2. what things does impact to the visitors or parents?
           The settings of the school, interior and exterior design has a very powerful impact and impression to the parents and visitors, who have the first sight over the school set up.

Q.N.3. Why school consulting program? How is it beneficial for school?
           The school consulting program is to establish a system in different aspects of school, to mobilize the teaching and non-teaching staffs to the best, to make effective and result oriented monitoring withing school system. It develop transparent record keeping, evaluation and reporting mechanism & develop school's own curriculum integrated to national curriculum. It provide guiding documents/forms and format and council all the stakeholders including teachers, staffs, students, parents while developing system in school.

Q.N.4. what is activity based training?
           Activity based teaching comprises students active involvement on particular activity, group work, preparation and presentations of the product along with the basic management skills.

Q.N.5. how does CTF school consulting start the work? How much does it cost?
          After the MOU with school, first we make the list of prioritized activity together and move to the orientation, training and implementation step by step. The cost depends on the program types, time duration, location and targets. It ranges from 1.5 to 6.5 per annum.

Q.N.6. How does art and craft link to course curriculum?
           To make the classroom teaching child friendly, effective, practical and skill based, the classroom instruction process must be based on art and craft like activity and project based activity and maximum student participation. Through activity and project based teaching, all kind of course and content will be more effective and meaningful to student learning. For all that, the art and craft activity becomes the base line for the development of the first basic life skills, creativity and patience, which are the foundation for overall outcome.

Q.N.7. what is the key role of school consulting organization - CTF?
           The role is to support the document, policy and curriculum  implementation strategy directly and implement the program indirectly.

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