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CTF Nepal, with its 10 years history, has come up with a different classroom intervention and development programs which are based on emperical experience and experiments. The programs and packages are designed so far on the basis of classroom needs and school's ground reality. Along with short term and long term teacher training courses we focus the following six components for the overall development of alssroom quality and school system development as below.

CTF school consulting areas:
1. Planning and elaboration of course and curriculm with meaningful activity and breakdown,
2. School interior and exterior design or classroom engineering service as per the need of a school,
3. Teacher training and mentoring support based on immediate need and the classroom context,
4. Parents and students counselling and workshop for creating positive psychology and accountability,
5. Assist on administrative system development, document support and monitoring mechanism, and
6. Incharge and coordinator training and mentoring support along with contextual guidence.

In this Regard, we have departmentalised the programs, and the Classroom Display Consulting Program is designed to create a beautiful and meaningful classroom.For that we have proposed the annual clasroom display consulting program in a economic module. We hope this program bring out the immediate and concrete changes in the classroom. It is sure that this program will be highly result-oriented and effective for making the classroom as quality focused and meaningful set up.

Badri Prasad Dahal

CTF Nepal
Mobile:- 9851010741


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