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CTF Nepal has been working in the field of data management and preparation of strategic plans. Majorly, the following activities have been carrying by this company with qualified and experienced human resources.

Municipal Digital Profile
All of the municipalities and rural municipalities are Local Governments with the rights and duties of conducting the governance activities as per the provision of the federal constitution of Nepal. they have the right of preparing the municipal profile as a fundamental source of data of all kinds essential for the overall development activities. This company has been providing the service of making the digital municipal profile. It has developed a software for this assignment which ensures the time saving and accuracy of the data. With the qualified human resources in information and communication, and computer technology, CTF Nepal has been serving in this assignment to the municipalities and rural municipalities.
Municipal Dynamic Digital Profile System
CTF Nepal imagines the establishment of the SMART city to the municipalities and rural municipalities. As a foundation of the SMART city, it has been prepared the Dynamic Digital Profile System (DDPS) for making dynamic to the profile system. The data should be always updated so that the dynamic accuracy would be established. We provide this system with preliminary supports to the local governments which are ready to install and operate.

Integrated and Sectoral Strategic Plan
Each rural/municipality has to prepare the integrated and sectoral strategic plans. The company has been providing the service of strategic plans either integrated or sectoral. Specifically, the company has the strength and experiences on the following strategic plans:
  1. Rural/municipality Integrated Strategic Plan;
  2. Periodic Education Development Plan;
  3. Periodic Tourism Development Plan;
  4. Periodic Agriculture Development Plan;
  5. Periodic Institutional Capacity Development Plan.

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