Department of Fashion Design

Fashion Design Course

1. Basic Stiching Training (3 Months Course)
    Basic concept & skills of Peticoat, Frocks, Apron, Simple Kurtha, Simple Suruwal, Simple Skirts, Simple Tops, Uniform Shirts, Simple Blouse, Simple Paijama, Night Gown and others.

2. Dress Design Training ( 6 Months Course)
    Variety & Different Design of Kurtha, Wrap Over Dress, Blouse, Skirt, Lahenga, Gown, Tea-length One Piece,Simple One Piece, Two-piece Beaded Gown & Others.

3. Diploma in Faschion Designing Course (12 Months)
    Basic Design, Design Idea, Art & Illustration, Fashion Theory, Textial, Computer Cat Class, Freehand, Pattern Design/Drafting, various Design of Kurtha, Skirts, Surwal, Tops, Ladies Shirts, One Piece, Gown, Paijama, Ladies Jackets, Lehanga and Others. 

Free Additional Training on Basic Mgmt. Skills for Enrolled Students
  • Communication Skills
  • Record Keeping Skills
  • Accounting Skills
  • Marketing Skills
  • Adjustment Skills
Shirting Suiting Course

1. Shirting Suiting Course (15 Months)
2. Coat Training (6 months)
3. Coat on Special or Particular Design (3 Months)
4. Shirt or Pants Training (1 Months)
5. Measurement Training ( 1 Months)
6. Cutting Training (3 months)

Field Based Short Term Training

One week (20 hours) Training on need based topics or areas or products on coat, Shirt, Dress, Kurtha & other or as per mutual understanding.

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