Advance Teacher Training Course

Topics/Content Sub Content Assignments & Projects
Theories Philosophy of education Approaches
  • Note Making
Curriculum Palnning General & Specific
  • Develop curricullum of any one subject of any one level/any theme
Classroom Management Behaviour management/Guiding Children Behaviour
  • Develop a dream classroom design and setup including different factors
Physical Management
Child health and safety/child creativity
Teaching Techniques and classroom management
Assessment & Evaluation Continuous assessment system (CAS)/Portfolio development/ Record Management
  • Develop CAS in report card
  • Develop 20 worksheets of anyone subjects
  • Sumbit 3 level students comments
Student report writing/Feedback
Worksheet Development
Child Psycology Learning/classroom psychology
  • Case study Report
  • Child portfolio/profile development
Multiple Intelligence
Individual Differences
Case Study (guideline)
Creative Use & Development of Materials (Montessori) Different materials/use of materials
  • Make any 10 materials with task analysis
Different Factors to be consider while developing materials
Creative work/Art & Craft Basic
  • Create Art & Craft file with classroom uses
Craft and Collage
Professional Development & Practises Presentation skill/Seminar Issue/Open Discussion
  • Present any topic related with teaching and learning for 10 to 15 min.(sumbit topic description)
  • Make Note
  • Search any 2 article on Pre-school/ECD/Montessori in internet and sumbit
Challenges Of being Child care professionals
Use of ICT in Classroom
Others Parents Councelling
  • School Visit & Interview with Coordinator
  • Make report on school community relation
  • Prepare Observation Checklist, Observe and sumbit report
School Community Relation
Pre-School visit guideline
  TOTAL   30 Sessions Pre session: 2-5 duration

  1. All the assignments of this Course are Compulsory
  2. Assignments for each topic must be sumbitted in separate file
  3. Assignment must be submitted within a month of training completed
  4. CTF will not be compelled to provide Certificate if assignments are not submitted
Cost : Per Individual @ 24,500/- for the package

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