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Nepal Career Training Foundation (CTF, Nepal) established in 2005,aims at producing capable, trained and skilled human resource to address the need of School, colleges and business organization through training program along with the help of sharing latest technology, system and practices.
Now a days CTF is conducting Training, Workshop and Seminars on various topics at office or at spot.
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Trainings: -
1. Montessori Teacher Training
2. Business Management Training
3. Language Classes
4. Writing Skill Project
5. Subject-wise/ Level-wise Teacher Training
6. Child Care Training

Workshops on Business Management: -
1.  Scheme Designing in Exploring Markets
2.  Developing Different Models of CV
3.  Encountering Job Interview Questions
4.  Strategy on Creating the Demands
5.  Grooming Personality
6.   Building Entrepreneurship Attitudes
7.   Business  Counseling Skills
8.   E-commerce and Marketing Strategy
9.   Developing marketing Skills and Attitudes
10.  Building Team and Network

Worshops on Teacher Development: -
1. Games and activities
2. Assessing Students performance
3. Art and craft (Materials development)
4. Printing and classroom decoration
5. Project work and class work designing 
6. Writing to the beginners 
and many other topics according to your need.

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