CTF Nepal has been introducing the concept of Total Quality management in Education (TQME) and attempting to institutionalize to the community and institutional schools. It has been providing various capacity development training's to head-teachers and teachers and management consulting to them as the components of TQME. The company has been implementing the following programmes under the campaign of TQME.

Training on Early Childhood Development Facilitator – ECDF (Montessori)
CTF Nepal has been working to produce the qualified Early Childhood Development Facilitator (ECDF) from the starting of the company. It has prepared and published the training/learning materials, books and distributing to the trainees and stakeholders. Based on those books and materials, it has been providing the training's and consulting services to individuals and schools.

School Management Consulting
CTF Nepal has started the service of school management consulting for developing new and innovative management system of community and institutional schools for making more result-oriented to them. This consulting service helps to the schools to restructure of the management capacities through the concept of Total Quality Management in Education (TQME). This company has accepted to the service of school management consulting as one of the main business sector and been giving continuity.

Capacity Development Training/Workshops to Teachers
CTF Nepal has been providing training services to the teachers of pre-primary to secondary levels to develop their career in teaching capacity development. It has been developing the demand-based training packages to the teachers in teaching-learning methodologies based on the new concepts and providing those trainings through the qualified and experienced trainers​

Training to Head teachers on School Management
Based on the concept of TQME, this company has been serving the training packages on the school management and leadership to the head-teachers for many years. The training package includes the subject matters of management principles, management issues at present days, TQME aspects, and FAQs on the school management. The aspects of TQME includes involvement and empowerment, teamwork, scientific procedures and tools, commitments, education and training, and customer focused activities.

School Business Plan
CTF Nepal has been providing the service of preparing the school business plan to the institutional schools from the starting of the company. The school business plan also includes the aspect of TQME to make more successful in the competitive market. It prepares the periodic targets and the strategies for fulfilling those targets within the estimated time. Generally, CTF Nepal has supported to make the business plan for five years to the schools. It also provides the service of monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of business plan if required by the clients.
Third Party Evaluation of the Schools
The company has been providing the service of third party evaluation to the schools on the overall performances and implementation of the business plan, and the institutional management system. The evaluation procedure reflects the real situation of the schools, gaps on the performances, and the recommends the essential strategies for the better improvement of the schools. In this process, the qualified and experienced experts have been hiring for this assignment to make it more effective and practical.
Local Curriculum Preparation to the Schools
Government of Nepal has provided the rights of preparation and implementation of local curriculum. CTF Nepal has been serving to make the local curriculum based on the local needs. It has highly experienced human resources in the field of preparing of local curriculum's to the schools.  


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